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DeckWright Ant-Slip Inserts

Deckwright Anti-Slip Decking Insert Kit – Don’t Slip Up!

DeckWright Anti-Slip Decking Kit

When timber decking is proving to be slippery when wet or dirty, installing DeckWright Anti-Slip Decking Inserts can lessen the risk of injury and provide you reassurance when walking on a wet timber deck. DeckWright inserts can be easily fitted into most timber decking boards, providing you with an attractive, long lasting solution to a slippery problem for both domestic and commercial projects.


How do DeckWright Inserts work? 

DeckWright Inserts encompass a universally shaped plastic T bar that holds a resin and aggregate formulation.When inserted into the grooves of a decking board, the insert will sit proud of the timber and provide  grip – even when wet. To achieve maximum grip, we recommend using two DeckWright Strips per decking board.

Where can DeckWright Inserts be used?DeckWright Anti-Slip Decking Inserts

DeckWright Inserts can be used in various locations including heavy traffic commercial areas and as a garden decking solution. Wherever you have timber decking, DeckWright inserts can increase your safety and transform your standard timber decking into a non-slip deck.

How many inserts will I need?

Use the following method to calculate how many metres of DeckWrigth inserts you require:

  • Determine what area you wish to cover in square metres.
  • Establish how many grooves you want to anti-slip – two per decking board is recommended.
  • Determine how many deck boards cover a metre – for this example we will assume 8.

Square metres x number of boards in a metre x number of grooves to anti-slip = Total linear metres

e.g. 10 square metres x 8 boards in a metre x 2 grooves = 160 linear metres

* DeckWright Anti-Slip Decking Inserts are supplied in one metre lengths.

How to install DeckWright Anti-Slip Decking Inserts

DeckWright Anti-Slip Decking Inserts

  1. Before you begin, ensure the inserts are <18oC and that your decking is clean, dry and free from debris.
  2. Apply 3 mm bead of the specially formulated adhesive to the groove of the decking board that you will be placing the insert.
  3. Trim the insert to the desired length, firmly place into the groove and apply pressure.
  4. For optimum results, allow to dry for a minimum of 3 hours.

What’s included in a DeckWright Anti-Slip Decking Inserts Kit?

  • 25 x 1 metre Granite Grey colour inserts
  • 1 x DeckWright Adhesive


Available to purchase from BHC Merchants.

Contact today – Telephone: 01555 840026 or E-Mail:

Christmas Closure

Christmas & New Year Closure

Last Chance to Buy!

Customer’s have one week remaining to stock up on supplies and materials prior to our Christmas shutdown.

BHC Agricultural & Building Merchants will be closed from Friday 22nd December at 5 pm and will re-open Monday 8th January at 8 am.

BHC would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We thank you for your business throughout the year and look forward to continuing business with you in 2018.

Last minute enquiries can be made by calling 01555 840026 or e-mailing



Free delivery within Carnwath

Get Firewood delivered to your home for free.


Ensure that you don’t run low on logs this Christmas with our Kiln Dried Firewood Bulkbags now only £45 down from £75.

BHC Merchant’s will deliver logs for free to customers within Carnwath, all other postcodes can be prices on enquiry.

Contact us today – 01555 840026 or email

Gift Cards Available

Treat someone this Christmas!

Gift cards are available from BHC Merchants this Christmas.

Gift Cards Available

Available to purchase in the following amounts: £25, £50, £75 and £100.

All gift cards are valid for approximately one year after purchase.

Enquire today – or 01555 840026

Top Ten Gifts Under £10!

Christmas Gifts for Less

Top 10 Under £10

We’ve selected our top ten gift under £10

Stanley Screw Driver – 5mm, PZ1 and PZ2 – £1.99 inc VAT eachScrewdrivers

  • Chrome plated bars for resistance to corrosion, plus soft-grip handles.
  • Tip identification for easy selection.
  • Easy pick up and screw locator thanks to magnetic tips.


 TorchLighthouse 210 Lumens Pocket Torch – £8.99 inc VAT

  • Three functions; high, low and strobe
  • Adjustable focus
  • Alkaline batteries included
  • Available in Black and Gunmetal


Scan Gripper Work Gloves – £7.99 inc VATGripper Gloves

  • Adjustable hook and loop wrist strap
  • Terry toweling on thumb to wipe brow
  • Synthetic leather palm with silicone print for enhanced grip

Stanley FatMax Torpedo Level – £9.99 inc VATFatMax Torpedo

  • 3 vials, 1 of which is an angle finder
  • V groove machined in the magnetic base for fitting on pipe work – ideal for scaffolders
  • 10-year warranty


Stanley Hi-Vis Tape Measure 8m/26ft – £5.99 inc VATTape Measure

  • Compact size with impact resistant high-visibility case
  • Belt clip for easy stoarge
  • Polymar blade coating for long life
  • Available in Green and Orange.

Faithful Folding Utility Knife – £5.99 inc VATUtility Knife

  • Compact folding pocket knife with blade locking system and quick blade change
  • Stainless steel blade holder
  • Handy belt clip
  • Available in three colours; Blue, Red and Yellow

Faithfull 25 Piece Quick Change Bit Set – £6.99 inc VATFaithful Bit Set

  • High quality 52 steel screwdriver bits
  • Contain 24 popular 1/4″ Hex bits and a quick release magnetic bit holder in a sturdy storage case


Bahco 300mm/12″ Hacksaw with Junior Hacksaw Bonus Pack – £8.99 inc VATBahco Hack Saw

  • Professional hacksaw with front grip
  • 90o blade rotation for flush cutting
  • Includes 24pi shatterproof sandflex blades
  • All steel frame junior hacksaw


Faithfull 570g / 20oz Fibreglass Claw Hammer – £6.99 inc VATClaw Hammer

  • Correctly hardened and tempered head with a virtually unbreakable fibreglass handle
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS876


Faithfull Utility Bar Twin Pack – £6.99 inc VAT

  • 375 mm and 177 mm (15″ and 7″) bars
  • High-quality alloy steel construction with bevelled ends and nail claws
  • Enamel coated for rust protection


Christmas Closure

Christmas & New Year Closure

We’re closing over Christmas & New Year

BHC Merchants will be closed from:

Friday 22nd December at 5pm and will re-open Monday 8th January at 8am.

BHC would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

We thank you for your business throughout the year and look forward to continuing business with you in 2018.



Firewood – Was £75 now £45 + vat!!

Save £30 on a bulk bag of Firewood


Our ready to burn firewood is now £45 + 5% vat! Delivery is priced on enquiry.

Contact our sales team today: or 01555 840026

Hitachi 18 V Combi Drill Only £119.99!

Hitachi 18 V Combi Drill Only £119.99!

Hitachi 18V Combi Drill

The Hitachi 18V Combi Drill with 2 x 1.5Ah Li-Ion Batteries has a lightweight, compact design that is perfect for using in small spaces. It has a 13mm keyless all metal chuck with spindle and lock. The high power, 4 pole motor has a two speed gearbox with 22 stage of adjustable torque. The forward/reverse switch makes it easy to change between applications.

The soft grip handle offers comfort whilst the electric brake provides additional user safety.

The drill is supplied with: 2 x 1.5Ah Li-Ion batteries, charger and carrying base.


  • No Load Speed: 0-400/0-1,500/min
  • Impact Rate: 0-21,000/bpm
  • Max Torque: 70Nm
  • Capacity: Brick: 13 mm, Wood: 38 mm, Steel: 13 mm
  • Overall Length: 210 mm
  • Weight: 1.6kg

Available from BHC Merchants.


Amvic ICF

Insulating Concrete Formwork System


What is Amvic ICF?

Amvic ICF

Amvic ICF consists of high density polystyrene panels 1200mm long x 400mm high x 65mm wide, spaced apart by high strength polypropylene webs. The forms provide a fully insulated, permanent shuttering system into which concrete is poured. Once cast, the solid concrete core provides the necessary structural integrity of the building, insulation, fire safety, thermal mass and durability for the structure’s lifetime.

The polystyrene panels of each block provides insulation to the structure with U-values ranging between 0.24 W/m2k and 0.13 W/m2k being achieved.

The forms themselves weigh approximately 3.5kg and are simple and easy to build.

Benefits of using Amvic ICF

Amvic ICF can bring many benefits to your project. The combination of the patented, reversible FormLockT, EPS composition, innovative web design and web spacing result in:

  • Using AMVIC ICF requires less support during installation giving straight, flat and plumb walls.
  • Less wastage when compared against other ICF or building systems available.
  • The ability to withstand internal concrete vibration, ensuring a structurally superior wall.

The forms are very user friendly due to its innovative design, helping to increase the speed of construction, reduce labour costs and provides the highest level of performance throughout and after construction. Amvic ICF walls can be finished internally by using gypsum board screwed directly to the integral webs and a wide range of external finishes can be used e.g. stone, timber and brick etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amvic ICF

Q. How high can you concrete the Amvic system in a single pour?

A. Up to 3m of concrete can be placed in any single concreting day.

Q.Does the concrete core require steel reinforcement?

A. Within the UK, retaining walls and structures taller than 3 storey high will require reinforcement throughout. Low rise structures will require steel reinforcement only over the top of window and door openings.

Q. How does fire affect the system?

A. The polystyrene bead used in the production of the Amvic system is a flame retardant grade. If the forms were exposed to a naked flame the polystyrene will burn however, once the flame is withdrawn or the Amvic burns clear of it, the polystyrene will self-extinguish therefor the system will not contribute to the spread of fire.  Additionally, the solid concrete core cannot burn conveying how safe the use of Amvic systems really are.

Q. How are internal services accommodated?

A. Electrical conduits and water pipes can be recessed into chases cut into the polystyrene at the time of installation. Please note: PVC cables should be kept from direct contact with polystyrene by placing it inside a plastic conduit.

Q. How is a masonry finish achieved?

A. A masonry finish can be achieved by either building a full brick or stone skin around the Amvic shell or by applying brick / stone slips directly to the surface of the Amvic blocks. The bricks/stone wall ties are cast into the Amvic concrete core to support the masonry skin option whereas slips are bonded to the Amvic system using a high adhesive bonding mortar over a supporting expanded metal lathing which is pinned back to the Amvic concrete core.

Q. Can you render onto an Amvic system?

A. Acrylic or polymer modified render systems that have been designed to be applied onto polystyrene are available. This type of system does not require a supporting eml.

Amvic Insulating Concrete Formwork Systems are available from BHC Merchants. Speak to a member of our team today to find out more.