NewTechWood Composite Decking Now Available

NewTechWood Composite Decking

New to BHC Merchants – NewTechWood Composite Decking.

The popularity of Composite Decking has rocketed and NewTechWood is at the forefront of the development and manufacturing of Composite Decking.  They have developed a robust product available in a range of versatile colour combinations which will transform any outdoor space.

Teak Decking

What is Composite Decking?

It is a man-made decking product, manufactured from recycled plastic and recycled wood fibres, to create a product that resembles real wood decking.

Why Choose a Capped Composite Decking?

Ultra-Low Maintenance

The initial cost of Composite Decking is higher than a traditional Wood Deck. However, there are almost no maintenance costs and it doesn’t require sealing, painting or staining.

The plastic content of the decking boards is more durable and resistant to rotting, dampness and woodworm infestation. Accidental spillages can be easily wiped off the decking as liquids cannot be absorbed.

Longer Life Span than Uncapped Composite Decking


The capped layer protects the core without it the wood fibre is exposed which can cause issues like crumbling, colour fading, fungus, mould, cracking and scratching.

Colours Last Much Longer Compared to Conventional WPC Decking.

The unique formulation of the Ultrashield collection means that the colour lasts longer than conventional WPC Decking – you will never need to oil, sand or paint a deck again!

Natural Look & Feel

Available in a range of colours and grain effects including Antique, Charcoal, Light Grey, Teak and Walnut.


NewTechWood - Composite Decking

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