Sandstone Project Pack Available!

Calibrated Sandstone

Classicstone Calibrated Sandstone project packs available from BHC Merchants for only £17.50 per metre square.

Each hand cut flagstone has a naturally riven surface giving your garden a warm and timeless look. Our range of flagstones includes 5 distinct colour palettes, with each collection having its own unique natural veining and riven surface.


Top Tips for Laying Calibrated Sandstone Project Packs

  • Select the flagstones randomly and mix the product from several packs as this will reduce the likelihood of colour banding.
  • Always remember to lay flagstones on a full bed of sand and cement mortar, supporting the whole stone and not just the corners.
  • We recommend using 6 parts of sharp sand to 1 part cement. Bind together with mortar in order to get a sticky consistency.
  • To improve adhesion, you can apply a slurry primer or paste of SBR with cement to the underside of the stone prior to bedding.
  • Roughly spread a 50mm thick base of the cement mix onto the area of bed, this should be slightly larger than the area of the stone. Lay the stone in place and carefully tap with a rubber mallet until it is at the correct level.
  • Repeat the above process with the next stone, leaving a gap of 10-12mm, tap level with a rubber mallet and repeat until the whole area is covered.
  • Make a pointing mortar by mixing 4 parts building sand with 1 part cement, add a little water to bind the mortar. Using a small pointing trowel, feed the mortar into the joints from the edge of a larger trowel and then use a pointing bar to press it down and polish when the joint is full.
  • Remove any excess mortar with a brush, ensure to do this before the mortar dries and be careful not to stain the surface.
  • Allow 24-36 hours for the new flagstones to set.

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